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Order online

Order online for someone may not be a task with which it is familiar. We have also thought about this and we have decided to collect some questions so you can find the answers you need every time you need to perform an online order.

How can I pay for an order placed?

To complete an order, you're prompted for the mode of payment that you are most comfortable with. We can accept payments from all major credit cards, but if the card payments leave you still puzzled when you need to use them online, then you have the right to select a payment with bank transfer and also with the delivery, the delivery.

Is there a physical store to be able to make an order?

Our pharmacy proposes just to give you the best products at the most affordable prices. For this reason, we decided to be present online, because in this way we break down the costs of maintenance of the pharmacy physical, and we can offer you medicines always at a good price. In addition, this provides you with total autonomy and discretion, at any time you decide to complete the order.

If I have trouble with an order?

It is our strong point! The fact that we are not present with a physical store does not mean that you are left alone. Indeed! We are able to provide you with assistance even greater. You can always request our help for any difficulties you might have. A drug that does not find, concerns about an active ingredient, a request for assistance during the payment or during shipping. We're ready to help always and for any need arising.

There is a minimum purchase required?

No, absolutely not. You can decide to purchase only one medication or take 4 different medicines that your doctor has indicated to take. For certain drugs there may be minimum intervals of time, to ensure the correct use of the same. But for every medicine, we will provide you with all the details and explanations that relate to the frequency and the quantity. Even in this, we are always present.

What happens if I realize I have finished a medication while they are on vacation?

Don't panic. You can safely continue to enjoy your well-deserved vacation and order what you need. All you need to do is to update your shipping address, so as to give us the news. We have a ship orders directly where you wish. In Singapore as well as abroad.

How many days are necessary for delivery?

Normally in 2-3 days the goods will be delivered by our couriers to the address that we indicate you. However, they can take over reasons beyond our control, that could cause the delay of the delivery. This case happens when there are adverse weather conditions, as snow and strong fog, which sometimes slow down the deliveries, due to a blockage of communication routes.

I was wrong to make an order, can I cancel?

During the course of the completion of the order we always recommend you check at each step, the accuracy of the data that you provide to us. It can however happen that an error was made. In this case, always check at the end of each order. You can cancel without penalty your order up to before it has reached the pharmacy that will provide you with the product. If you realize late, and though while the order is in processing at the pharmacy, you will only be charged a small fee for administrative. If your order is already in shipping, unfortunately, can not be deleted.

Pay double attention, on the completion of each order.

What types of drugs I can access with the online pharmacy?

With our online pharmacy you can draw on any kind of medication. If it is a product that requires the challenging medical, we will put you in touch with a doctor online, once you have made the history and identified the diagnosis, emits the recipe that is forwarded to the pharmacy.

If the medicine you need is a product so-called-the-counter, then just log in and select it, because it will be forwarded directly to the pharmacy that takes care of the shipping.

How can I be sure that the medicines are authentic?

Our suppliers send us only original drugs sold by major pharmaceutical companies. We find exactly the same products you'd find in the pharmacy, by attending in person. This is why you are certain that you do not, we will send you a similar product, but absolutely the one you have ordered. We always ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.

How do I find a medication I can't remember exactly the name?

Also in this case, you will not have to worry about anything. By connecting to our website, you will be put in contact with the best specialists, which we have selected before it will accept in our platform. This is serious people and competent. If you take habitually a medication but in a certain moment you have amnesia and you just can't remember the name, just ask for the help from our doctors. You will need to explain what kind of symptoms you have and what are the characteristics of the drug. The doctor has to take a long time to go back to the kind of medication, and its name for sale.

If in the middle of the night I get painful pangs in the belly?

Get in contact with us as quickly as possible. Order the medication that you normally use and wait for you to be delivered. If it is a medication that requires prescription, you already know that we will be able to connect with a doctor. You'll never be left to yourself, even if you are in the middle of the night.